Our clothes tell the world who we are, although it is increasingly difficult to feel different. Just as no two people are alike, we shouldn't all dress the same.

And this is something that at Smile we are clear about. Our collections do not follow trends nor do they seek to reach everyone. Our vocation comes from our family, from our mother, who already in the 50s, bored with the clothes that were in fashion, designed her own collections. That search for the different and original is a constant in Smile.

Fun prints, casual dresses and unapologetic cuts: each Smile collection is a surprise. Smile seeks to fill a gap that is being lost in fashion. Smile is determined to be an alternative to big brands based on personality, good vibes and high doses of honesty.

From the elegant cities of the Cantabrian Sea to the perennial smile of the beaches of Cádiz, without forgetting the coolest neighborhoods of this Madrid that is always reinventing itself. Collection after collection, Smile conquers women who want to be different and seek to express their personality through garments that make them feel special.

If our clothes talk about us, Smile tells us our best version, the one from those days when we feel complete. And best of all, it does it at an affordable price, for any pocket.

If you want to write to us, do so at hola@lawebdesmile.com, if you want to come and meet us personally we have our showroom in Madrid at C/Trafalgar, 12, our space is called Smile Show, we are waiting for you!